Corporate Advisory

The increasingly complex business environment demands an even more complex decision making process. The Corporate Advisory team at Bondwell collaborates with its clients to help them devise effective strategies that help them enhance shareholder value. We deliver value enhancing solutions that complement the growth strategies, thus helping our clients in transforming their business, no matter what challenges they face – from optimizing risk and improving performance to seizing new opportunities.

Corporate Plans

In-depth of
the industry
In-depth of
the business
Identification of
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Our Services

  • We offer independent unbiased perspectives on all aspects of the business, whether its strategy, financing or expansion.
  • We carry out an extensive due diligence review for our client to identify the issues that could impact the future of the business
  • We undertake valuation, capitalization and shareholder studies
  • We develop an MIS & management control mechanism
  • Strategy Development and Management Consulting

Corporative plans

His advice is required by a company when it plans to venture in to a new business either in a new line of business or existing line of business in a new market be it local or international. The strategy can be in terms of corporate structure of a product and pricing strategy, target market segment, strategic alliance etc. Let us consider an example of an Indian company planning to set shop in a foreign country. The strategic recommendation required by the company can be a decision between establishing a wholly owned subsidiary vis-à-vis a joint venture with a local partner.

The viability of a proposed business has to be examined from a business, technology and financial perspective before any fund raising activity is carried out by the corporate. Investment banks have the capability to conduct such feasibility studies from a business and financial perspective since they have in-depth information on each industry space.

Companies need to formulate medium to long-term corporate plans in order to carry out their expansion and business strategy. Those companies which do not have in-house corporate planning department, depend on investment banks for these services and those companies which have an in-house corporate planning department, believe in getting the same vetted by an investment bank.