Debt Syndication

We offer end-to-end solutions to corporates with innovative capital structuring strategies to help them launch new projects or fund expansions. We guide our clients in the debt syndication and structured corporate finance space; and develop a blueprint with funding options through various types of debt instruments to deliver maximum profits.

Our advice is bolstered by a thorough understanding of the challenges and issues faced by the clients, deep industry knowledge, aggressive negotiation skills and a strong association with the key lending players in the country. We wield our extensive network of relationships with the banks and financial institutions to identify the right investors and provide bespoke solutions tailored to the client requirement. Further, our thorough understanding of the Indian regulatory guidelines and lending norms helps us to efficiently close the debt syndication deals.

Sound understanding on the needs of Lender’s

Why choose Bondwell?

At Bondwell, we have raised debt of over Rs.10 Million by offering end to end custom made services to the clients.

By thinking outside the box we present exciting new ventures:

  • Structuring the capital needs of the clients
  • Aligning the instruments to raise funds
  • Negotiating with Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Study the Techno-Economic Viability
  • Providing a detailed Project Report and Cash Flow Projections

Research beyond the Debt Syndication

Our team of Experts understands your need for financial management and assists you to Monitor, Consult and Execute all activities related to meeting all debt-related compliance requirements of banks/ financial institutions and for enhancing the overall debt rating and eligibility through prudent financial management

The Process of Syndication is completed within the following stages:
     1. Understanding the wants of clients and preparing a suitable financing structure
     2. Appraisal and detailed due diligence
     3. Preparation and Circulation of data Memorandum (IM)
     4. Coordinating with lenders/investors to make sure timely sanction of facilities
     5. Harmonizing the terms and conditions among all lenders/investors
     6. Documentation